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Open Infrastructure for Outcomes

The current version is OIO-0.9.9. The is the alternate download site for the OIO project. The main site is at

The Open Infrastructure for Outcomes (OIO) is a Web-based system that manages users, patients, user-extensible forms, and reports. It is in production at Harbor/UCLA Medical Center. We use it as an case and outcomes management / clinical research information system.

You can check out some screenshots or

you can see it in action at our production site: www.TxOutcome.Org. As an anonymous user, you will only be able fill out a registration form (which does run on the OIO). If you like, you can fill out a registration form to get a public access account and try out the system before you install the OIO on your own server.

The OIO is written in Zope/DTML and uses Postgresql. If you don't like Postgresql, it would be trivial to adapt it for other database backends.

Currently, the OIO can be used to create forms, manage patients, collect information using the forms, and generate aggregated reports about groups of patients.

If you are interested in collecting data about "non-patients" - e.g. for your customers, I suppose the OIO system will work just as well. So, I would think the OIO can also be used to create CRM applications for your business, ecommerce portals, etc.

The OIO is still relatively weak on user management although that is a priority area for development. Now that Zope has a new security model in place, I am hoping that new versions of Zope will not break the user management tools.

Latest Release: displays forms for printing
Last Updated: 2000-11-14 14:17:36
Author: ZopeOrgSite
Categories: Commerce, Content Object, Developer, Examples, Server, Statistics and Analysis
Maturity: Stable

Available Releases

Version Maturity Platform Released
displays forms for printing Stable   2000-11-14 14:17:36 (0) All
oio100 Stable   2003-09-29 00:30:44 (846 K) All md5
0.9.5b Stable   2000-12-08 11:32:35 (349 K) All
0.9.4a OIO folder only Stable   2000-11-14 14:21:15 (142 K) All
0.9.4a Stable   2000-11-14 13:58:01 (341 K) All
0.9.3 Development   2000-09-29 09:25:01 (325 K) All
0.9.2 Stable   2000-09-09 13:09:42 (254 K) All
0.9.1 Stable   2000-08-31 16:26:40 (133 K) All
0.9.0 Stable   2000-08-29 22:24:22 (132 K) All