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Strip-o-Gram HTML Conversion Library

This is a library for converting HTML to Plain Text and stripping specified tags from HTML.

Installation for Python

Simply copy the stripogram package to any folder on your PYTHONPATH.

Alternatively, if you have distutils available to you, you can install by executing the following in the directory where you unpacked the tarball:

python install

Installation for Zope

The stripogram package can also be used as a Zope Product. To do this, place the package in your Zope Products directory and restart Zope.

NB: When using Strip-o-Gram as a Zope Product, you must change any import statements that contain "stripogram" to "Products.stripogram"


  from stripogram import html2text, html2safehtml
  mylumpofdodgyhtml # a lump of dodgy html ;-)
  # Only allow <b>, <a>, <i>, <br>, and <p> tags
  mylumpofcoolcleancollectedhtml = html2safehtml(mylumpofdodgyhtml,valid_tags=("b", "a", "i", "br", "p"))
  # Don't process <img> tags, just strip them out. Use an indent of 4 spaces 
  # and a page that's 80 characters wide.
  mylumpoftext = html2text(mylumpofcoolcleancollectedhtml,ignore_tags=("img",),indent_width=4,page_width=80)

If you want more information on how it works, read the source :-)


Copyright (c) 2001-2003 Chris Withers

This Software is released under the MIT License: See license.txt for more details.


Itamar Shtull-Trauring for the original HTML Filter.

Oleg Broytmann for the pre-original HTML Filter.

Andy McKay for the testing he has done.

Rik Hoekstra for a patch to html2text.

Andre Ribeiro Camargo for some html2text tests and a bugfix or two.

Mark McEahern for the distutils support.

Sylvia Candelaria de Ram for a bug fix.

Shane Hathaway for convincing me that Zope's security policy is sensible.


  1. 4
    • made the stripogram package work as a Zope product
  2. 3
    • added distutils support.
    • allowed valid_tags to be in any case
    • html2text can now ignore specified tags
    • the indent and page width used in html2text can now be specified
    • fixed problems in html2safehtml with tag attributes that didn't have a value
    • fixed a bug in the html2text handling of order lists
  3. 2
    • documented installation
    • included security declarations so that html2text and html2safehtml can be used in Zope's Script (Python)'s
    • added further tests for html2text.
    • added further tests for html2safehtml.
  4. 1
    • re-implemented html2text which should still be considered alpha.
    • fixed handling of the img tag.
  5. 0
    • First release as a seperate module.