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ERP5 Implementation at Infoterra, an EADS Astrium company

UNILOG (a LogicaCMG company), reaches Major Milestone in Open Source ERP5 Implementation in Infoterra´s (an EADS Astrium company) TerraSAR-X Commercial Service Segment.

Friedrichshafen, Munich, Lille, Paris, 23 January 2006 - The implementation of ERP5 Infoterra´s TerraSAR-X Commercial Service Segment (TSXX) has reached a major milestone with the delivery of a complete order management system as an integrated element of the overall TSXX back office landscape with several interfaces, e.g. to DLR, EADS Astrium SAP, and Receiving Stations located around the globe by Unilog Avinci in December 2005. Infoterra GmbH holds the exclusive commercial exploitation rights for TerraSAR-X and is currently installing the Commercial Service Segment for the spacecraft. ERP5 is an advanced open source ERP software created by Nexedi. The implementation of ERP5 for the TerraSAR-X was conducted by Unilog Avinci Munich Office with the support of Nexedi and Nuxeo.

According to Ralf Duering, TSXX project leader at Infoterra, “ERP5 is the right solution for Infoterra’s order management because its web – and workflow based approach provides the level of flexibility and security required for a global project such as TerraSAR-X. With ERP5, our distribution partners around the world can access our central ERP5 infrastructure and place orders securely.”

Friedbert Karch, Munich Area Manager at Unilog Avinci, adds “TerraSAR-X ERP5 implementation is the sign that open source ERPs can now provide value-added solutions to large organisations looking for more flexibility, more interoperability and more internet usage. It also shows that professional service organisations such as Unilog Avinci are the right partner for demanding industries such as Aerospace in search of a high level of service and support based on open source software. Unilog Avinci has shown that it can fulfil the quality requirements of the ESA standard.”

Jean-Paul Smets, CEO of Nexedi, “The TerraSAR-X project is the first implementation of ERP5 advanced security model in Europe. Together with the ERP Fast design methodology, ERP5 can model complex organisations with multiple sites, multiple partners and granular access rights to a shared central database. This project has also shown the possibility to interface ERP5 through SOAP Web services with other enterprise applications in a transactional way”.

Stéfane Fermigier, CEO of Nuxeo, concludes “TerraSAR-X ERP5 implementation has shown that the high quality and maturity of ERP5 technology allows the implementation of complex projects in a short time. ERP5 includes a sophisticated workflow-based CRM; thus, the TerraSAR-X business case benefits from a fully integrated solution”.

About Unilog Avinci

Unilog is a European IT Consultancy with a staff of 8.000 employees, specialized in the design, development and support of IT solutions for major corporations, with a 35-year track record of profitable growth and financial independence. Unilog Avinci is the Germany-based IT integrator of the Unilog group. Our consultants provide result-oriented and customer-centred services: Management and IT Consulting, Systems integration, Outsourcing and IT Training, using practical, performing and cost-efficient methods.

As of January 16th, 2006 Unilog is a LogicaCMG company.

Contact: Frank Thies (Management Consultant) +49 178 88 66 194 [email protected]

About Infoterra GmbH

Infoterra GmbH, Germany, holds the exclusive commercial exploitation rights for the new German radar satellite TerraSAR-X, and will supply weather-independent, high-resolution, new-quality data as well as a variety of radar-based geo-information products after the satellites´ launch in mid 2006. Currently, the company is preparing the distribution of TerraSAR-X data by establishing a global partner network.

Contact: Ralf Düring (TSXX Project Manager) +49 160 972 39 127

About Nexedi

Nexedi is the founder and developer of open source web based ERP5 ( A very flexible and document oriented workflow based ERP-System. Nexedi provides business solutions cross-industries for small, medium and large companies though partners in Africa, Americas, Asia and Europe. Nexedi customers include financial, automotive, apparel, telecommunication, defence, aerospace, consumer electronics and government. With headquarters in France and operations arround the world, Nexedi supports both open source values and corporate customers' needs in a timely, profitable and sustainable business.

Contact: Jean-Paul Smets (Founder and CEO) +33(0)6 29 02 44 25 - [email protected]

About Nuxeo

NUXEO is the European leader for services around the ZOPE platform. It is the creator and publisher of the CPS open source enterprise content management and collaborative portal and has a lot of expertise in enterprise content management, collaborative portals, workflows and process management and ERP. CPS is a mature solution used by more than 50 companies in 8 countries. Unilog and Nuxeo have five successful implementations in common.

Contact: Stéfane Fermigier (Founder and CEO).