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Plomino: Develop Lotus Domino-like applications in Plone

Plomino is a Plone/ZOPE product which provides users with a Lotus Domino-like application development toolkit. Plone/ZOPE is a wonderful platform, but it might be difficult for a non-developer to design a Plone business-specific application other than standard content management.

With Lotus Domino, a user can easily design databases able to handle very different business needs (knwoledge management, project management, collaborative workplaces, etc.).

What is missing in Plone/ZOPE to handle that ? Mainly the following points:
- be able to create new structured content types, more specific than the core CMF types
- be able to build differents views to list the same contents in different ways
- be able to display content through dynamic forms

That is what Plomino aims to do.

Plomino is an opensource solution, distributed under ZPL (ZOPE Public License).

Key features:
- Forms, edited in WYSIWIG mode, including user-defined actions
- Index and Views (supporting categorized views)
- Access Control List / User Roles

To download, see demo, read docs, etc., please visit