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Welcome to the Tracker development area.

Owner: KenManheimer

The area is built using ZWiki pages, providing the opportunity for other people besides me (ken manheimer) to participate in crafting the discussions about the use and development of the Zope Tracker.

We at Digital Creations are using the tracker for various consulting and public projects - including shepherding the bug reports for the Content Mangement Framework, and for the web site . While we continue to maintain the tracker, we are looking at reimplementing an issue tracker using some CMF content types (see for background on the CMF.)

In the meanwhile, the tracker code is available open-source via a CVS checkout - see TrackerCVSInstructions. See for a mailling list with recent developments and checkin messages.

Some other resources:

  • The TrackerTracker:Tracker, for reporting and reviewing tracker bugs and feature requests.
  • My Software Carpentry design competition entry in the - you guessed it - tracker category. (These links take you outside this wiki.)

    The entry includes some documentation (some taken from and some complementing the tracker's on-line documentation) - a Users Guide and some design diagrams

This is a ZWiki web. See the ZWikiLinks and the HelpPage for more information about ZWiki.

  • See RecentChanges for a most-recent-first list of changed documents in this wiki.