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Products that allow the creation of new "generic" documents that should contain content, like DTML Document.

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TinyTable with update capability 2007/10/30 11:35:51.912 GMT-4 james4765 TinyTablePlus-0.9.1

A revision of TinyTable that provides four new methods: * setRow * delRows * delAllRows * getRow These methods permit updates of the table from DTML or PythonMethods. 

CMFExtFile 2007/07/30 03:38:09.159 GMT-4 shh 2.0

CMF integration for the popular "ExtFile":/Members/shh/ExtFile product. CMFExtFile replaces the stock File and Image portal types with ExtFile and ExtImage respectively. ExtFiles and ExtImages ... 

Rich Text Document 2007/04/22 00:32:46.669 GMT-4 ZopeOrgSite 0.0.1alpha

Based on the MSWord Document this product allows you to use RTF documents in the same way. The RTF document is automatically converted to HTML for easy web viewing while the original document is ... 

ManageInZODB 2007/04/22 00:32:40.766 GMT-4 ZopeOrgSite 0.0.1

This product allows the management pages to reside in the ZODB. This allows customisation of the Zope management interface without having to hack Zope files. This product will work with Zope 2.4 and ... 

CMFContentPanels 2006/08/14 03:22:56.498 GMT-4 ZopeOrgSite contentpanels-1_7

Note : This page is deprecated. Go to "": for new releases. What is CMFContentPanels? CMFContentPanels is a cmf/plone portlets product. ... 

Content versioning for Plone2 2006/04/06 16:46:51.731 GMT-4 emergence PVSForPlone2_0_1_3

Ever get frustrated when you, as a non-manager content editor of Plone, have to retract an object in a published state before they are able to edit it? This product is the answer! It lets you make ... 

Photo and Photo Folder 2006/01/25 20:26:55.418 US/Eastern rbickers Photo

This product provides a Photo object and a Photo Folder object for managing digital images in Zope. Photo objects provide multiple configurable sizes of the photo. Photo Folders provide a way to ... 

Silva Custom Automatic Table of Contents 2005/11/02 16:26:46.846 US/Eastern aaltepet SilvaCustomAutoTOC-1.0

SilvaCustomAutoTOC gives silva content authors/editors the ability to choose which silva addables are displayed in the TOC. 

Edit Silva's content css inside Silva 2005/11/02 16:26:44.263 US/Eastern aaltepet SilvaStylesheets-2.1


CMFFSContent - Put CMF content on the file system 2005/09/10 17:51:42.780 GMT-4 jens

CMFFSContent allows you to store CMF content on the file system. It represents a contentish equivalent to the Skins mechanism. Please see the Homepage for all releases 

Portail Pour Tous (Portal For All) 2005/06/16 05:43:44.967 GMT-4 ZopeOrgSite 0.9a

UPDATE - jan 2003 Popoto needs some change under Zope 2.6 (ZCatalog changes, ...). As we are not using Popoto anymore in production (we are now using the new Popoto : Nuxeo Collaborative Portal ... 

Squishdot 2005/05/13 08:30:10.302 GMT-4 chrisw 1.5.0

Squishdot is a news publishing and discussion product for Zope. It creates a place in your website where people can post short articles, news items, announcements, etc. as well as hold threaded ... 

Yet another Thumbnailed Image 2005/03/23 02:59:38.659 US/Eastern merwin

An Image with automatically generated thumbnail. to get to the thumbnail: http://yoursite/yourpath/image/thumbnail Special for this is that the thumbnail acquires title and alt tags. 

Tuttle Small School Framework 2005/03/13 02:14:03.996 US/Eastern ZopeOrgSite 0.1

Tuttle is a lightweight framework to aid in the development, deployment and use of Zope products which support teaching and learning in small schools. I have paused development on this iteration of ... 

Issue Tracker Product 2005/02/14 13:35:10 US/Eastern peterbe 0.5.2

Dear visitor, The IssueTrackerProduct thanks for the time it has spent on this website. From now on, the new home for this project is:    

Plone WebPage 2005/02/01 20:36:04.476 US/Eastern bowerymarc 03

simple web page with image, logo, and link, and a containing folder showing summaries Simple way to let users create a web page, which includes a logo, image, and a link. Easy to use and ... 

HoldallProduct is a content management Zope product. 2004/11/27 17:17:07.333 US/Eastern ddesmarest experimental_1

HoldallProduct is a content management Zope product. It allows to manage contact, file, document, project, task, etc... 

PortalContentFolder 2004/11/05 11:17:27.469 US/Eastern ZopeOrgSite 0.1

PortalContentFolder (for CMF) is a mix of both PortalContent and SkinnedFolder, so that you can have a folder-like object that gets catalogged and is subject to the workflow. If you need an object ... 

CMFDynamicDocument 2004/10/14 09:31:15.275 GMT-4 ZopeOrgSite CMFDynamicDocument-1.1.2

The CMFDynamicDocument (dynamic document) product is a hybrid of the CMFDefault Document and PageTemplates. It allows content authors to include TAL, TALES and METAL in CMF document content ... 

WeatherReport Content Type 2004/10/13 11:00:45.164 GMT-4 djflux WeatherReport

WeatherReport adds a new content type to your Plone 1.x site that allows your to retrieve and display weather and radar images for a particular METAR weather station that your specify. 

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