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Products whose primary function is to solicit feedback from the viewer.

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RimI - Rathaus im Internet 2005/12/31 02:37:51.108 US/Eastern nielsd

Application framework to build internet portals for the german government and public administration services - the first real open source project. The goal of RimI is to give a free, independent ... 

MailingLogger 2005/05/15 09:30:56.895 GMT-4 chrisw MailingLogger-2.4.0

This allows configured entries from the event log to be mailed to a list of configured recipients. 

Message Board 2003/06/20 06:03:28 GMT-4 EIONET 1.2

The Messageboard product lets you create a board for messages. People can post, see and reply to messages or replys to messages. It uses a tree-like view in order for you to see which reply belongs ... 

ChangeNotification - get an email when something changes on the website 2003/06/17 09:49:07 GMT-4 EIONET 1.1

ChangeNotification The ChangeNotifications product is a Zope plug-in product that work with existing Zope objects. Users can subscribe to a folder, and they will get notified by email ... 

JTracker 2003/06/12 08:01:47 GMT-4 ZopeOrgSite

The JTracker product provides a simple issue tracker that was inspired by the original ZClass-based Tracker product and its replacement, the Collector. I decided to "roll my own" because I ... 

DDBug Issue Tracker 2003/05/21 16:33:41 GMT-4 ZopeOrgSite 2.0.0 a1

DDBug Issue Tracking Product You can see DDBug in action (and report bugs or request features for DDBug itself) at the "MetaDDBug": . Why did we do DDBug? ... 

Enhanced SQLPoll 2003/04/30 15:10:09 GMT-4 ZopeOrgSite 0.0.6

SQL Poll is a simple Slashdot-style Polling product that uses an SQL database to store votes. This avoids bloating your ZODB with a bunch of minor undoable transactions by Anonymous User. It's an ... 

NauScheduler 2003/04/03 03:53:13 US/Eastern ZopeOrgSite

NauScheduler manage schedulable tasks, wich you can create. 

bislTrayIcon - A Zope Controller 2003/02/28 08:42:42 US/Eastern ZopeOrgSite 0.8

This is a Zope Controller for windows developed in Delphi. 

Managed Meetings 2003/01/10 06:15:14 US/Eastern EIONET 1.1p2

The ManagedMeetings product lets you administer meetings. You can announce meetings based on different criteria, let people sign up and send email to all participants. The event is available as ... 

NeoBoard - a threaded message board 2003/01/03 05:28:21 US/Eastern ZopeOrgSite 0.9.4

This page is no longer maintained. Please visit for the latest info on NeoBoard. 

NauSite 2002/11/29 09:35:19 US/Eastern ZopeOrgSite

NauSite is an open source Content Management System (CMS) and Enterprise Portal (EP) developed by Naumen company. NauSite stores the enterprise data in a centralized hierarchical repository easily ... 

EventFolder: an Event Calendar for Zope web sites 2002/10/17 09:14:48 GMT-4 ZopeOrgSite 1.31

**This product is no longer supported due to lack of interest. ** EventFolder is plug-in for a Zope Site that provides it with an Event Calendar. It's a total black-box with a lot of customizable ... 

The XQuizz product 2002/09/10 05:16:29 GMT-4 ZopeOrgSite 0.1.0

If you need to provide polls or quizz in your Zope site, XQuizz object will help you editing the form and compute the score. A basic rendering is provided. But you can provide your own rendering ... 

FormulatorLayout 2002/08/07 11:27:24 GMT-4 ZopeOrgSite 0.1

*FormulatorLayout* is a utility package to assist in rendering Formulator forms in Zope (>=2.5.1). FormulatorLayout provides a new object, 'Form Folder'. Form Folders can contain 'Formulator Form' ... 

The Poll Tag 2002/07/09 03:48:18 GMT-4 TheJester 0.0.3

The PollTag is a two part product, that consists of a tag (for rendering) and an Poll Administrator that manages the Polls and the questions. You must add an Poll Administrator product somewhere in ... 

ReQuezt Forum / Helpdesk Application 2002/06/22 20:10:16 GMT-4 ZopeOrgSite 0.5

*ReQuezt* is a web based forum / helpdesk application. It is uses "Formulator": to edit and render forms ... 

Formulon 2002/03/28 04:11:38 US/Eastern ZopeOrgSite 0.1.0

Formulon lets you manage forms in your ZOPE based web application, it supports you with all needed widgets, automatic rendering, input validation and "point and click" arrangement through the ... 

Online PIM 2002/03/21 11:32:16 US/Eastern ZopeOrgSite 0.2

OnlinePIM is a product for CMF (Content Management Framework). It's purpose is to provide users with a 'Desktop' where they will gather all information they have access to (e.g. calendars and ... 

ZClasses Survey/quiz product 2002/03/18 14:03:41 US/Eastern ZopeOrgSite Software_Release.2003-09-13.0016

It's a ZClasses thingy to make multi-page surveys or quizzes. Use this only if you really need to get a multi-page survey up online quickly. If you want lots of customization, use ... 

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