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Products that patch the Zope source code.

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ManageInZODB 2007/04/22 00:32:40.766 GMT-4 ZopeOrgSite 0.0.1

This product allows the management pages to reside in the ZODB. This allows customisation of the Zope management interface without having to hack Zope files. This product will work with Zope 2.4 and ... 

ZopeChinaPak 2006/10/16 06:28:12.491 GMT-4 ZopeOrgSite 0-8-1

What is ZopeChinaPak? This is a patch and extension for Zope, CMF, Plone and other products to support Chinese better. If you don't use Chinese, you need not to touch it. **Note**: Go to ... 

CJKSplitter - Chinese, Japanese, Korean word splitter for ZCTextIndex 2006/10/16 06:28:06.880 GMT-4 ZopeOrgSite cjkspliter-0_7

CJKSplitter is a ZCTextIndex splitter for CJK (Chinese-Japenese-Korea) text stored as Unicode. It uses a simple, but workable, "hack" instead of trying to do real word splitting from ... 

AU Timezones for Zope 2006/04/12 02:58:51.035 GMT-4 TheJester ZAUTZ-0-0-0

Monkey Patch to Zope DateTime to correctly use Australian Timezones that clash with US timezones. 

ReplaceSupport 2005/12/18 18:29:31.898 US/Eastern shh 1.0.3

This product adds search & replace functionality to TTW Zope objects. A "Replace" tab is added to the ZMI of Folders and folderish objects, that allows to locate Zope objects and replace strings in ... 

Improvements to the Xron interface (Obsolete) 2005/08/02 06:03:47.320 GMT-4 jmeile Patch Xron-0-0-10

Please note that the Xron product is now Obsolete. It hasn't being maintained by his author since long time ago. So, I don't guarantee that the Xron product is going to work with ... 

Improve traceback display with code excerpt and highlighting 2005/07/14 06:29:00.219 GMT-4 tino VisualTraceback

This monkeypatch is a proof of concept to show how exception formatting could be improved. It includes up to 5 lines of the sourcecode where the exception occured and displays them with ... 

UpdateSupport 2005/05/13 08:10:55.939 GMT-4 chrisw

These tools are for upgrading all Zope objects of a given type in a ZODB, when it's necessary. You need to install the *UpdateSupport* product, listed below, and then select the appropriate ... 

Additional Functionality for Silva Documents 2005/05/11 12:20:56.188 GMT-4 aaltepet SilvaDocumentPatches-1.5-1

This product contains patches to SilvaDocument that add more features and functionality than is provided in SilvaDocument. This product mainly deals with functionality enhancements of the ... 

NMIMETools - a replacement for the MIMETools 2004/10/03 01:21:57.725 GMT-4 ZopeOrgSite 0.20325

Download current releases at N(ew)MIMETools - a replacement for the MIMETools Problem - How to send all of the files in a folder as attachements using ... 

Little monkey patch to add history support for standard zope objects 2004/09/02 06:30:22.482 GMT-4 tino PatchHistory

Most standard Zope objects dont have history support. Since I find it usefull to see old versions rather then have to undo all the time, I made a little monkey patcher which adds the history tab ... 

EuralbaFilePatch 2004/07/11 17:12:03.684 GMT-4 ngouzy EuralbaFilePatch-1.0.0

A patch for File object in ZMI and Plone 

OrderedObjectManager 2004/05/03 12:03:29.942 GMT-4 ZopeOrgSite 1.2.1

Please download current releases at "": The OrderedObjectManager patches the ObjectManager so that ... 

DocFinderEverywhere 2004/04/25 15:52:35.281 GMT-4 shh

This product has been renamed. You can find it under its new name here: DocFinderTab 

AcquisitionUnderstander 2004/04/25 15:52:09.497 GMT-4 shh 0.2.0

This is Shane's Acquisition Understander packaged as a Zope product. Also see "": The AcquisitionUnderstander product ... 

Abracadabra Object - pre-configured objects with only one click 2004/02/12 01:10:22.174 US/Eastern ZopeOrgSite AbracadabraObject-2.0.0

Please visit "": for current releases. 

RenameBugHotfix Product 2004/01/18 03:55:38.218 US/Eastern mojix RenameBugHotfix-0.1

Hotfix Product for Zope 2.6.3 / Zope 2.7.0 beta4 rename bug. You can install this as normal product. 

Title for Zope management screens 2004/01/11 11:03:26.672 US/Eastern to_be FrameTitle 1.0

FrameTitle is the Zope product for all of us who like to work in several browser windows or (for browsers which support such a thing) tabs, and who dislike the fact that the window or tab ... 

StructuredText i18n patch 2003/11/09 16:05:21.303 US/Eastern ZopeOrgSite StructuredText-i18n-patch

This is i18n patch for StructuredText which comes with Zope-2.6.1 Patched StructuredText will accept source text formatted in utf-8 encoding, apply all formattings and output utf-8 encoded ... 

RestartWithLink - adds some comfort to the Zope restart screen 2003/10/02 09:52:08.710 GMT-4 to_be RestartWithLink

A monkey patch which replaces the weak message "Zope is restarting" with 3 useful links (sorted Products list, Control Panel, and immediate restart) and allows to adjust the timeout (by default 5 ... 

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