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Products that let you manage users in different ways.

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Download mxODBC Zope DA 2010/03/25 08:57:51.235 GMT-4 lemburg is pleased to announce the availability of our new high performance and professional quality ODBC Zope Database Adapter (Zope DA): the **mxODBC Zope DA**. Introduction The mxODBC ... 

zExtraExAuths 2007/04/22 00:32:53.043 GMT-4 ZopeOrgSite 0.0.1alpha

Provides extra Authentication Sources for exUserFolder. It also provides a base class to easily make authentication sources that connect to a external socket. These include: IMAP Adapter POP3 ... 

Rakun XML Application Framework 2005/12/22 16:44:39.416 US/Eastern evrimozcelik rakun-0.3.4

Rakun aims to integrate database applications into Plone. Currently, it makes existing databases accessible through Plone and supports business logic via scripts. The long-term goal is to provide an ... 

Zope Security Audit 2005/08/30 15:24:58.766 GMT-4 ZopeOrgSite ZopeSecurityAudit-1.0

Zope's fine-grained security model is powerful, but hard to manage. This tool gives the system administrator an overview of the security status of the site, by searching for "exceptions" to ... 

CAS 4 PAS 2005/08/20 17:42:15.617 GMT-4 regebro 1.0.0

This is a CAS single-sign-on plugin for Pluggable Auth Service, enabling you to integrate Zope sites into your CAS SSO solutions, or integrate several Zope sites with a single-sign-on. Tested only ... 

CASUserFolder MOVED 2005/08/20 17:38:58.666 GMT-4 mrlex CASUserFolder-1.2

CASUserFolder has been renamed to **ACASUserFolder** It is now available in version 2.x from here: - "":  

Portail Pour Tous (Portal For All) 2005/06/16 05:43:44.967 GMT-4 ZopeOrgSite 0.9a

UPDATE - jan 2003 Popoto needs some change under Zope 2.6 (ZCatalog changes, ...). As we are not using Popoto anymore in production (we are now using the new Popoto : Nuxeo Collaborative Portal ... 

SimpleUserFolder 2005/05/15 09:46:59.027 GMT-4 chrisw SimpleUserFolder-1.1.1

A scriptable, subclassable, fully documented and tested user folder implementation. 

Silva 2004/09/01 13:49:45.348 GMT-4 ZopeOrgSite Silva-1.0.1

Note: Infrae is releasing new versions of Silva to the Silva download page on Please go there for Silva versions 1.0.2 and up. This page remains here for historical reasons. Note that ... 

Silva 2004/07/02 10:06:26.518 GMT-4 faassen 1.2

Note: Information on and release of Silva versions later then 0.9.1.x can be found on the Infrae members page Silva is a Zope-based web application designed for the creation and management of ... 

MySQL user folder 2004/05/30 12:44:54.115 GMT-4 vladap release-1.0.5

A Zope user folder which uses MySQL database to store user information. mysqlUserFolder has four functions: - Main function is to authenticate users and set their roles based on data from ... 

LDAP Directory Manager 2004/05/21 00:49:41.694 GMT-4 ZopeOrgSite 1.12

The ST LDAP Manager is a tool for maintaining information about people, organizational units, and groups in an LDAP directory. It is not intended as the general purpose tool that a directory ... 

Remote User Folder 2004/05/01 01:13:49.180 GMT-4 ZopeOrgSite 0.4

A RemoteUserFolder is used in cases where the Zope installation is behind a webserver which already takes care of authentication. In some cases it makes sense to let the webserver ... 

LDAPUserFolder Extension 2004/04/27 16:30:48.795 GMT-4 volkerw LDAPUSerFolder_0_4

This Product adds some features to the LDAPUserFolder. It enables groups and users from LDAP to be used inside the Plone GRUF User Folder.  

Gear User Folder 2004/03/17 14:47:23.690 US/Eastern xenru 0.4


CPSDirectory - flexible users, roles and groups directory manager for the CMF, ... 2003/12/02 08:59:14.978 US/Eastern nuxeo CPSDirectory-1.21.1-2

This is a directory manager. A directory knows how to access and display entries. It uses a schema (from CPSSchemas) to describe an entry, and a layout and some widgets to specify how to ... 

PluggableUserFolder - A Zope UserFolder with authentication plugins 2003/10/19 12:03:03.290 GMT-4 nuxeo PluggableUserFolder-2.5.0-1

PluggableUserFolder is a Zope user folder that is designed to be extensible in all ways. It supports extending via "plugins" to add support both for ways of identifying the users, such as ... 

NuxUserGroups - This product adds the notion of groups of users 2003/10/13 11:41:21.751 GMT-4 ZopeOrgSite NuxUserGroups-0.10.1-1

This product adds the notion of groups of users. Groups provide a level of indirection in the user -> roles mapping, which gives greater flexibility. The groups are defined and managed in the ... 

ADS Groups Folder 2003/10/10 10:11:59.055 GMT-4 djflux 0.9.0-beta2

This Product monkey-patches the getRoles and valid_roles methods to show all or a subset of groups defined in a Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 Active Directory as valid Zope Roles 

CS3 2003/09/21 07:52:34.253 GMT-4 arvid CS3.2003-09-20.3526


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