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Products that show information visually, like graphs and photos.

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ZDataQueryKit - Query Databases Without Programming 2007/05/07 12:28:03.555 GMT-4 haqa 1.1.2

Query databases without programming! See the information for full details on how to use this product. See the changes link for details of what has changed recently. 

ManageInZODB 2007/04/22 00:32:40.766 GMT-4 ZopeOrgSite 0.0.1

This product allows the management pages to reside in the ZODB. This allows customisation of the Zope management interface without having to hack Zope files. This product will work with Zope 2.4 and ... 

CMFContentPanels 2006/08/14 03:22:56.498 GMT-4 ZopeOrgSite contentpanels-1_7

Note : This page is deprecated. Go to "": for new releases. What is CMFContentPanels? CMFContentPanels is a cmf/plone portlets product. ... 

Rakun XML Application Framework 2005/12/22 16:44:39.416 US/Eastern evrimozcelik rakun-0.3.4

Rakun aims to integrate database applications into Plone. Currently, it makes existing databases accessible through Plone and supports business logic via scripts. The long-term goal is to provide an ... 

CMFReportTool - PDF-Skins for CMF 2005/04/08 10:38:04.302 GMT-4 jack-e 0.1.1

CMFReportTool - PDF-Skins for CMF With this tool you can serve dynamically generated PDF-Documents for every content-object of your CMF/Plone-Site. It uses PageTemplates to generate a ... 

Formulator 2004/09/01 13:50:13.918 GMT-4 infrae Formulator-1.6.2

The download area for this product has moved. Please see for newer releases. Formulator is an extensible framework that eases the creation ... 

Silva 2004/09/01 13:49:45.348 GMT-4 ZopeOrgSite Silva-1.0.1

Note: Infrae is releasing new versions of Silva to the Silva download page on Please go there for Silva versions 1.0.2 and up. This page remains here for historical reasons. Note that ... 

IEMethod 2004/09/01 03:16:26.510 GMT-4 ZopeOrgSite default

Internet Explorer Method New version Version 0.0.6, 2001/03/13 The goal of this project is to integrate the built in WYSIWYG capabilities in Internet Explorer 5 and 5.5 with the Zope ... 

SWF File 2004/08/14 07:30:01.531 GMT-4 ZopeOrgSite 0.3

SWFFile provides an OFS.Image-like Zope object for SWF (Macromedia Flash) files.  

EnhancedDiscussion 2004/07/14 04:19:24.985 GMT-4 dkesh EnhancedDiscussion-0.2

This product includes tools for building and selecting modes for viewing comments, and many built-in modes. It is inspired by and based on similar features in SCOOP ( 

Silva 2004/07/02 10:06:26.518 GMT-4 faassen

Note: Information on and release of Silva versions later then 0.9.1.x can be found on the Infrae members page Silva is a Zope-based web application designed for the creation and management of ... 

ImageTag_CorePatch 2004/06/16 12:45:14.046 GMT-4 ZopeOrgSite 0.3

This hotfix makes it so that all Image (and derived) object use PIL to resize when you use the tag method with integer (non-%) height and/or width parameters. This way, stuff like the PhotoAlbum ... 

QuickLinks 2004/02/25 00:51:24.934 US/Eastern ZopeOrgSite QuickLinks-0.1.8

What it is QuickLinks is an add on to the Zope management interface. All it does is that it adds the possibility to have a couple of quick links to selected meta types for those that are too lazy ... 

Epoz - a cross-browser-wysiwyg-editor for Zope 2004/02/14 06:59:52.442 US/Eastern ZopeOrgSite 0.7.4

Sorry, uploading products to is no fun at all, so I switched to my own bow. For current releases please visit Epoz at:  

zetadb. RAD for relational database oriented applications 2004/01/19 08:20:56.015 US/Eastern scamps zetadb-0.8.3

zetadb is a python / zope tool that allows a rapid application development (RAD) of relational database oriented web applications. Currently, it implements PostgreSQL and MySQL support. Other ... 

CMF FlashMovie content type 2003/11/30 12:38:10.305 US/Eastern sergeyv 0.4.2

CMF content type for .swf (Macromedia Flash) files Features: - ftp support (uploaded swf files turns into CMFFlashMovies) - autodetect movie width/height and other info even for Flash MX/MX ... 

The EpozDocument product 2003/11/03 15:25:17.510 US/Eastern gillou EpozDocument-0.3.0

Most of your pure HTML content are in File like objects ? Tired of writing HTML on stupid textareas or want to let write your content by any user ? Want a WYSIWIG support to edit your content ... 

The EpozFile product 2003/10/25 10:31:40.460 GMT-4 gillou EpozFile-0.1.0

**DEPRECATED PRODUCT: You should consider using the EpozDocument instead.** You use File objects to host pure HTML content ? Then you'll enjoy using EpozFile objects in place of File ... 

SQL Forms 2003/10/17 13:20:54.421 GMT-4 Ioan demo

SQL Forms This is a Zope wizard! This is a front end for managing SQL tables. From Zope interface you design your SQL table, then create the table and that's all. The result is that you can ... 

NuxWidgets 2003/10/12 10:24:47.258 GMT-4 ZopeOrgSite 0.1.0

This products adds the 'widgets' builtin name to TALES and provides two widgets, 'calendar' and 'timetable, which are the ZPT replacements of the calendar and timetable DTML tags. There's also a ... 

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