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Products that allow access to the world outside of zope, like Database Adapters. Also includes things that help other products access/use Zope.

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Download mxODBC Zope DA 2010/03/25 08:57:51.235 GMT-4 lemburg is pleased to announce the availability of our new high performance and professional quality ODBC Zope Database Adapter (Zope DA): the **mxODBC Zope DA**. Introduction The mxODBC ... 

ZDataQueryKit - Query Databases Without Programming 2007/05/07 12:28:03.555 GMT-4 haqa 1.0.0

Query databases without programming! See the information for full details on how to use this product. See the changes link for details of what has changed recently. 

Rich Text Document 2007/04/22 00:32:46.669 GMT-4 ZopeOrgSite 0.0.1alpha

Based on the MSWord Document this product allows you to use RTF documents in the same way. The RTF document is automatically converted to HTML for easy web viewing while the original document is ... 

ManageInZODB 2007/04/22 00:32:40.766 GMT-4 ZopeOrgSite 0.0.1

This product allows the management pages to reside in the ZODB. This allows customisation of the Zope management interface without having to hack Zope files. This product will work with Zope 2.4 and ... 

Generic Document 2007/04/22 00:31:50.015 GMT-4 ZopeOrgSite

This product is a generic base class for documents that arn't natively HTML but have access to convertors. The latest version of RTFDocument uses this and so does the LaTeXDocument.  

Zope2 Frontend for Trac 2006/05/11 11:39:28.265 GMT-4 TheJester ZopeTrac-0-10-3


direct file upload via zeo client 2006/04/20 10:14:05.756 GMT-4 tino

This is a first-shot implementation of a fileuploader which creates a fileobject via ZODB access (thru zopectl run). Primary usefull in environments with ZEO storage so the main site can be up ... 

Zope External Editor 2005/11/29 10:09:31.840 US/Eastern ZopeOrgSite 0.8

**NOTE** New releases of External Editor can be found at "": , the below is for historical purposes only. Do you ... 

PHParser/PHPGateway 2005/10/12 15:00:06.494 GMT-4 hewei 1.1.5

Bridging the gap between Zope and PHP world! PHParser/PHPGateway aims to combine Zope and PHP together. It provides you a possibility to run PHP scripts under Zope and Plone. PHParser is ... 

CMFFSContent - Put CMF content on the file system 2005/09/10 17:51:42.780 GMT-4 jens

CMFFSContent allows you to store CMF content on the file system. It represents a contentish equivalent to the Skins mechanism. Please see the Homepage for all releases 

SimpleUserFolder 2005/05/15 09:46:59.027 GMT-4 chrisw SimpleUserFolder-1.1.1

A scriptable, subclassable, fully documented and tested user folder implementation. 

O2DB - storing objects to relational DB 2005/03/28 01:55:06.821 US/Eastern earthling O2DB-2005

O2DB is an interface for storing python objects to a relational DB (mySQL at the moment) for further info goto the webpage below you can also search for 'O2DB' _this_ zope ... 

LocalImageSystem 2005/02/21 02:27:29.910 US/Eastern aheimsbakk 0.5.0220

This product maps a folder containing images on the local file system into Zopes structure. This minimizes the data stored in the Zope database when serving a large quantity of images. **Key ... 

ESMTP MailHost 2005/02/18 21:45:08.839 US/Eastern ZopeOrgSite Software_Release.2003-12-30.2513

This is a replacement for MailHost which gives you ESMTP access (username/password). Go to your Products directory and untar (tar -xzf). NOTE -- I recommend using an ESMTP mail host (e.g. Courier ... 

ZOpenArchives : OAI implementation for Zope 2004/10/08 06:49:25.267 GMT-4 sgiraud

Transforms Zope to an OAI Data Provider and Aggregator This product is an OAI implementation for the Zope server, it provides the following components : ZOAI Server : Which will contain ... 

NewZODBCDA 2004/08/12 07:34:13.407 GMT-4 timmorgan 0.1-2004-Apr-16


DCOracle2 2004/06/01 14:49:43.007 GMT-4 matt Pre Release 1

Oracle Database Bindings for Python DCOracle2 is a Python DB API 2.0 adapter for Oracle 8. Based on the Oracle 8 OCI, DCOracle2 overcomes limitations of DCOracle which prevent new OCI 8 ... 

LDAP Directory Manager 2004/05/21 00:49:41.694 GMT-4 ZopeOrgSite 1.12

The ST LDAP Manager is a tool for maintaining information about people, organizational units, and groups in an LDAP directory. It is not intended as the general purpose tool that a directory ... 

kinterbasdbDA: Database Adapter for Interbase/Firebird 2004/05/14 07:34:32.838 GMT-4 ZopeOrgSite 1.0

The kinterbasdbDA is an Interbase/Firebird database adapter for Zope based on the kinterbasdb.  

ZmxODBC for Windows 2004/05/01 01:13:46.135 GMT-4 ZopeOrgSite

ZmxODBC is a level 3 ODBC DA based using mxODBC. It should only be used with multi-threaded odbc drivers. Use at your own risk. **** IMPORTANT **** This product has been removed from this ... 

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